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Traditional Usui Reiki

Reiki adjusts and aligns a person's energy field to restore balance and harmony and promote positive well-being. It releases and resolves the energy blocks which have been caused by the stress and traumas of both past and present events.
The amount of sessions you will need will be determined during the consultation.
For guidance purposes on average, clients have between 3 and 4 sessions to maximise their achievement of well-being.

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medicine or consulting your Doctor. Whilst Reiki complements traditional medicine and recovery from injury, you should consult your Doctor if you have any medical concerns. Reiki is a spiritual medicine that supports the body's natural healing properties, by absorbing universal life force energy.

What will happen during a treatment?

Following a consultation, to establish your needs and a brief medical history, you will be asked to lie on the therapist couch or sit in a chair.
Treatment is given by the practitioner placing their hands gently for several minutes on your clothed body in a series of positions.
The Client draws in as much Reiki as they need – you may experience this as sensations such as tingling, warmth, coolness or a pulsating feeling.
Following the treatment, you could feel energised or in a relaxed state.

A treatment lasts 1 hour
Cost £35:00 per hour (concession £30:00)
Free consultation

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collective healing

Collective Consciousness Healing

This group meditation work is centred around giving and receiving Love and therefore Healing, collectively and consciously.

There are many energies out of balance, stagnate or mischevious within the world at the moment. We are personally experiencing this through feelings of unrest, disconnect, unhappiness and in some cases anger.

You can restore your own personal harmony whilst helping restore the planet's by being a Light Worker and attending these special sessions.

These spiritually deep, one hour sessions run once a month.

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