spiritual development and healing

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development can be achieved in many different ways and when you are on a spiritual journey, it can be very enlightening. There are lots of different divination tools and approaches available and so it may be worth exploring what they are before you decide on the right path for you.
Here at Ascension Development we focus on achieving spiritual development through the following:

Personal Tarot Readings

Consulting the Tarot can provide you with insight and feedback on different aspects of your life. It brings your attention to the areas that need action right now and guides you in considering your approach to the outcome.

Readings last 1 hour
Cost £45.00

Tarot Workshops

Introduction to the Tarot

Learn how to use this ancient divination tool to access a deeper understanding of your journey through life. This beautifully designed two day workshop is aimed at raising awareness of the benefits that can be achieved by using the Tarot to attain personal development and conscious awareness.

During this two day workshop you will explore:

  • How to prepare yourself and connect with your Cards
  • How to interpret the Minor and Major Arcana
  • Combinations and Spreads
  • Doing a reading for someone else.

 tarot card reading

Reading the Tarot for others

Following on from the Introduction to reading the Tarot, this absorbing two day workshop looks deeper into the meanings and combinations of the Major and Minor Arcana to build your confidence to read for others.

During this two day workshop you will:

  • Delve deeper into the meaning of the Minor and Major Arcana
  • Explore combinations in more detail
  • Consider the astrological and numerological aspect of the Tarot
  • Identify with the Tarot Code of Conduct when reading for others
  • Have the opportunity to read a full spread for a client

Students must complete the Introduction to Tarot workshop before attending this course.

Spiritual Development Workshop

This experiential workshop is a great start to your spiritual journey. It provides you with a supportive and enjoyable opportunity to explore spirituality and consider the areas you want to develop further.

On this one day workshop you will:

  • Experience the beauty of meditation·
  • Consider the Universal Spiritual Laws 
  • Learn how to protect your psychic self·  
  • Initiate meeting your spiritual guides·
  • Explore a range of psychic tools

Working with like-minded individuals to achieve this development is an enlightening and supportive experience.

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